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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

Businesses: How to Control the Amount of PR$ Coming In

As a business, you have a good deal of control over the amount of PR$ coming through your till. Here are some ways to increase or decrease the amount:

Bringing in More PR$

Basic principles here are to let more people know that you accept PR$, and to make them see it as worth their while. Some folks with PR$ in their wallets are actively looking for ways to spend them: others need a little jog to remind them.

  • Include “we welcome PR$” in your advertising, whether newspaper ads, brochures, web pages, radio ads, or anything else. The graphic for the door decal is downloadable and you can use it to insert in your marketing materials.
  • Make sure you have a window or door decal displayed if you have a storefront or office. Don’t have one? Let us know and we’ll get one to you.
  • Display the “We welcome PR$” tent card at the till, and strategically on product displays.
  • Have your staff ask if customers would like to pay with PR$
  • Create special offers just for PR$ customers and promote them. We can do an occasional extra email mailing if we have several special offers to send out. (Possible special offer could be a higher PR$ percentage on a certain day or a certain product).
  • If you participate in community events, promote your PR$ acceptance there
  • If you have empty seats or gaps in your appointment book, promote them to PR$ spenders
  • Increase the percentage of PR$ you accept, permanently or temporarily. Don’t forget to update your information on your online account, and let us know so we can update our business lists!

Holding Back Incoming PR$

At some point you may find that you have more PR$ coming in than you want. Ideally you’ll use that opportunity to find more ways to spend and use PR$, or simply deposit it in your online account at one of our cash points, but there are also ways to reduce the inflow: basically, do the opposite of increasing it.