The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

Businesses: What to do with Incoming PR$

As more people buy and spend PR$ to support local non-profits and businesses, you’ll gradually see more PR$ coming into your business. If they simply sit in your till or in your safe, they aren’t doing you or anyone else any good. Here’s how to get them moving around the community!

  • Take them as a personal draw from the business and spend them on yourself. Treat yourself to a massage or acupuncture, buy food at Ecossentials or the Open Air Market, refreshments at The Patricia Theatre, and much more. Check out the complete Business List for more ideas.
  • Use them to pay for part of your business advertising and promotions – printing at CMG Printing, print and web ads in the Peak, website work and web hosting from Kevin Wilson.
  • Give them as bonuses to your staff – along with a list of the businesses where they can spend them.
  • Re-donate them to more non-profit groups. If you’re donating PR$ cash the recipient doesn’t need to be registered with us, so you can hand them out to school groups, sports teams, and anyone else who asks. They also make good Silent Auction donations.
  • Deposit them in your online account to bring your initial negative balance up towards zero. While we encourage spending them, depositing them is better  than leaving them in the till – we especially need small bills to issue to new PR$ users! You can make a deposit at any PR$ cash point.

Got more ideas? Let us know and we’ll pass them on!