The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

Credits and Thank yous

We’d like to thank all the people who supported and helped us on our way to a successful local currency launch!

Our CN$ funders

We don’t have permission to list everyone’s names, so we’d just like to thank everyone who trusted us with CN$, months in advance of the launch, on the promise of being paid back in PR$ once we had them. You know who you are!

The artists whose work appears on the bills:

$1 bill: Theresa Higgin (“Ice Cave, Freda Mountain”) and Meghan Hildebrand (“The Sublime Possibilities of Modern Travel”)

$2 bill: Mischa Brooks-Thoma (“Lund Marina”) and April White (“Salmon People” and “Raven Star”)

$5 bill: Ari Neimand (“Emma Lake”) and Miel Creasey (“Turning Tides”)

$10 bill: Rob Higgin (“Silhouettes, Triple Peaks”) and Gail McMahon (“Powell River Texada Ferry”)

$20 bill: Mischa Brooks-Thoma (“The Hulks”) and Adam Cramb (“Are You Ready for the Storm”) and Miel Creasey (“Rivers Edge”)

Businesses who accept PR$

See the list

Non-Profits who accept PR$

See the list

Individuals and groups who gave us their help, time, encouragement and support

Transition Town Powell River for kickstarting this project

Linda Wegner for survey research report

Nicole Narbonne of Skeena St Studio  for graphic help

Corey Matsumoto of CMG Printing for being our first cash point

Michael Linton, Pieter Vorster and Caila Holbrook from the Community Way currency in Courtenay/Comox

Dave Formosa, Kim Miller and Cory Carr at the PR Chamber of Commerce

Scott Randolph at PRREDS

Rose Fleury for our launch cake

Moe of Willow Hollow Bakery for the launch food

Volunteers who helped with the launch and our Seafair Parade entry

Kevin Wilson
Mischa Brooks-Thoma
Kimberley Murphy
Bill and Lynda Hopkins
Eva van Loon
Ron Berezan
Dee Tremblay
Bruce Finlay
Suzan Roos
Alfred Bolster
Marian Kemp
Ann Trousdell
Barry Bookout
Wendy Pelton
Kelvin Higgin

Our team: 

Rob: Bill sourcing and printing, business recruiting

Sean: world of conventional money, non-profit recruiting

Mischa: bill design and art displays

Bruce: research, writing, non-profit recruiting

Marian: meeting notes, “person in the street” point of view, lots of small things that add up to more

Kevin: project management, computer systems, publicity, recruiting

…and our partners, where applicable, who have put up with a lot of time spent PR$-ing

Thank you all!