The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

Financial Report and Statistics for 2012

Profit and Loss Jan 1 – Dec 31 2012


Donations 6.43

Business registrations 5,725.00

Memberships 10.00

Pres. Folder sales 44.00

Total income 5,785.43



Stationery 171.00

Space rental 187.43

Printing 540.19

Food for events 433.98

Other 145.15

Bank fees 48.80

Advertising 348.11

Postage 25.40

Travel 86.60

Honoraria 230.00

Web 191.14

Bill production 3,307.33

Total expenses 5,715.13

Retained earnings 70.30

 Balance Sheet as at Dec 31 2012


CN$ CU shares 25.00

CN$ Petty Cash 104.45

CN$ Paypal 0.00

CN$ CU account 313.85

PR$ account 61.00

PR$ cash 91.00

Total Assets 595.30



CN$ pledges 525.00

Total Liabilities 525.00

Total Equity 70.30

Startup Funding

2011 2012 Total
Pledges received in CN$ 310 4415 4725
Pledges repaid in PR$ 0 4200 4200
Total outstanding 525

PR$ Statistics for 2012

Number of registered businesses 23
Number of registered non-profit groups & programs 34
Number of fixed cash points 1
Number of mobile cash points 1
Amount of PR$ donated to non-profits PR$ 29,150
Average donation per registered business PR$ 1,267
Average donation per registered non-profit PR$ 857
Amount of registration fees received by PRMS PR$ 5,725
Amount of PR$ converted to CN$ for non-profits (excluding PRMS) through cash points PR$ 2,240

Estimated number of individuals receiving PR$ in any way

Buying PR$ at a cash point 68
Distributed by Farm to School program 175
Distributed at Launch event door 52
Distributed by PR Healthworks as holiday gifts 50
Received as honorarium 10
Received in return for CN$ startup funds pledge 45
Winter market vendors 7
Total 407

While there is some overlap in these numbers, there are also people known to have received PR$ who are not included because we don’t have a count of them. Registered businesses and non-profits are not included.

Prepared by Kevin R Wilson, Founding Director