The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

How Individuals Can Get More PR$

So, you’ve bought some PR$ at a cash point, or you got some as a gift, and you’d like more, but you don’t have CN$ to trade for them right now. Here are some ways to fill your pocket with PR$:

If you’re involved with one of our registered non-profits, they may have PR$ they are looking to spend:

  • Can you accept PR$ in payment for expenses you’ve paid on their behalf?
  • Would they pay an honorarium in PR$ if you take on a job that needs doing? Both the PR Money Society and Transition Town Powell River will do this.

People who have PR$ are looking for places to spend them. You can take advantage of that:

  • If you ever do casual or freelance work, you may be able to get more work by offering to take PR$ in part payment
  • If you have a micro business, get more sales by accepting PR$ in part payment for your goods
  • Having a garage sale? Take PR$ as well as CN$, and say so in your garage sale ad
  • Selling off stuff using Facebook groups? Offer to take PR$

If you shop at a business that accepts PR$, ask for PR$ in your change

Got more ideas to add to this list? Let us know!