The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

How Non-Profits can get More PR$ Donations

The first wave of non-profits who signed up early with the PR$ program found that donations simply appeared in their PR$ accounts as the first wave of businesses signed up. Now that there are more non-profits in the program, and businesses are signing up at a steady pace rather than all in a bunch, it’s to your advantage to be more pro-active about getting donations – and it also helps the PR$ program grow, as non-profits help us recruit businesses.

You can encourage businesses to donate to your group, when they register initially and when they make repeated PR$ donations down the road. Here’s how:

  • Ask the businesses your group patronises to join the PR$ program and donate
  • Contact businesses who support you and ask them to join the PR$ program and donate
  • Publicise the fact that you accept PR$ donations, on your website, in email newsletters, and in your offline publicity. See below for the “We Welcome PR$” graphic in low resolution for online use, or high resolution for printing
  • Ask your existing board, members and volunteers to register their own businesses
  • Ask your existing board, members and volunteers to encourage the businesses they patronise to register. Click here for the printable “Customer Request Card”
Welcome PR$ image for online use

Low resolution for online

High resolution for print