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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

How Non-Profits Can Spend PR$

Has your organisation got hundreds – even thousands – of PR$ sitting in your online account and you’re not sure what to do with them? Don’t worry, be happy. You can use them in many ways – here are some examples:

Pay honorariums for volunteer jobs.

Most groups have some jobs that are hard to get done because no-one wants to do them. If you offer an honorarium, that may change, and you may bring new blood into the group as a bonus. Potential jobs include:

  • posting posters
  • sending out newsletters
  • staffing tables at events (your own and community-wide)
  • phone tree phoning
  • setting up before and cleaning up after events
  • updating and maintaining databases, email lists and web pages

and anything else that’s hard to get done.

One nice thing about this option is that it gets PR$ out into the hands of community members, who can spend them at multiple local businesses. It’s especially good for getting PRS to people who might not have the spare CN$ to buy them directly.

Convert your PR$ into CN$

There are multiple ways to do this, and they combine CN$ funding for your group with getting PR$ out into the community for people to spend them. In fact this is a topic that’s big enough to need its own page!
More details here

Use them as matching funds when making grant applications.

Add PR$ to your list of options for matching funds.

Spend them directly with local businesses.

Here are some specific examples of how you can do this with our registered businesses:

  • If you have open space or grounds surrounding an office or other property, use the Urban Farmer‘s services to redesign them to be more productive, attractive, and useful. Take a look at the work going on at the Anglican Church in the Townsite to see the beginning stages of what can be done.
  • Use Higgin’s Inn as a venue for meetings or fundraising events. If you bring in people from outside PR for any reason and need accommodation for them, use Higgin’s Inn for that too.
  • Use CMG Printing for your graphic design and printing services. As well as accepting PR$, CMG use recycled materials as standard.
  • Consult Creative Rift Studio and Gallery for locally made art and craft work for gifts, fundraising prizes or auction items. Teas from Arcana Health Ltd, books from The Pack Press or artwork from Meghan Hildebrand Fine Art can serve the same purpose.
  • Consider health and service providers like Powell River Healthworks,  Savary Massage, Educare or The Medicine Shoppe for client services.
  • If your group uses food at all, consider buying bulk supplies from Ecossentials, or fresh local foods from vendors at the Winter Market.
  • Get your website built or revamped, a blog added, or Facebook page created by Kevin Wilson.
  • Any time you have to buy materials to renovate or maintain property or grounds, spend your money with Rona.
  • Advertise with the Powell River Peak.
  • Pick up great books for fundraising prizes and auctions at Kingfisher Used Books. Many of the books available there are just like new.
  • Moving locations? Try out TMS Moving and Storage.
  • Working on staff or volunteer development? While Jeff at Cake Coaching focuses on entrepreneurs, non-profit workers can benefit too from learning how to balance their passion for the work they do with “having a life”.

Ask businesses you currently do business with, if they will accept PR$. They may just say yes, and even if they don’t, the more often they get asked, the more likely they are to get on board. If they want more information, please send them to our website or ask them to call Kevin at 483 9052 or Rob at 487 1119.