The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

How Non-Profits can Turn PR$ into CN$

We know that a non-profit needs CN$ as well as PR$ to do its work. Here are some ways to transform your donated PR$ into CN$:

  • Wait for it to happen automatically. Because of the way the PR$ program works, every time someone buys PR$ they actually buy them from a non-profit, and some of the time it will be yours. How much CN$ you’ll receive in this way depends partly on how attractive your group or project is to people who want to buy PR$. We’ve noticed that groups who support multiple projects do better by listing their specific projects for individuals to target their CN$ to.

  • Contact your supporters and encourage them to buy PR$ from you. You can send them to our cash point at CMG Printing to do so, or you can withdraw PR$ cash from your online account and sell them directly. Consider asking your Board, staff and volunteers to support you like this.

  • Contact existing CN$ donors and ask them to increase their CN$ donation in return for some PR$ – for example, someone who normally donates CN$100 might give CN$150 and get PR$75 back. Both you and they benefit.

  • Sell your PR$ directly to the public at your own events or community events. Withdraw PR$ bills (at CMG Printing) and display them prominently at a table with signage encouraging people to buy them.

  • Run events that convert PR$ to CN$, as we did at the Official Launch where we converted $500 at the door. The way to do this is to charge an admission fee in CN$, and give attendees all or part of their admission back in PR$. People sometimes ask for their change in PR$ too, increasing your conversion.  You can charge your normal admission and get more attendees because they feel it’s cheaper (since they get the money back as PR$) or you can increase your admission charge and give part back in PR$. For example,if you normally charge CN$10 admission, increase the admission to CN$15 and give PR$10 back. Attendees see this as only costing $5 instead of $10, and you get more CN$ income. You can also run activities or sales inside the event that give people the opportunity to spend their PR$, so some of them will cycle back to you.