The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

How to Use PR$ if You’re a Micro Business

First of all, what is a micro business? You might be a micro business if:

  • The business grosses too little to register for GST or (soon) PST
  • There is no fixed business-specific location or storefront
  • You do not have employees
  • The business is a part time, off the side of your desk thing

Secondly, we do encourage anyone to register and donate, even at a lower level. The PR$ you pay will come out of the online account we open for you on our secure system, so there is no up-front cost in CN$ at all: there is no interest charged on a negative balance in your PR$ online account, and no time limit on when you must replenish it back to zero, so you don’t need to bring in PR$ immediately. In return for your support, you get included in all our ongoing promotions including the website, printed business lists, events and whatever else we dream up. At least four of our registered businesses are micro businesses.

Still, if you don’t feel that registering is for you, you can still get involved. Just accept PR$! That’s all there is to it: just tell your customers you take PR$, accept them for all or part of sales, and then spend them for your business or take them yourself as an owner’s draw. Some Winter Market vendors are doing exactly this. While you won’t be part of our registered business promotions, you can still download and print a tent card here or make up your own to place on your sales table and let people know.