The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

PRLETS Account-holder Agreement

Account-holder Responsibilities

Account-holders agree to:

  • maintain their account credit/debit within reasonable limits.
  • keep their online offers and requests up to date.
  • respond to enquiries from other account-holders as soon as practicable, and no later than 14 days after receiving an enquiry.
  • be respectful and courteous with each other at all times, and to use the PR LETS system only for the purpose of trading.

Account-holders are encouraged to:

  • return their account balance to zero when they terminate their account. It is not PR LETS responsibility to repay an account-holder’s credit if/when they leave the system.
  • record their own transactions online using the interface supplied by PR LETS

PR LETS Responsibilities

PR LETS will:

  • promote PR LETS
  • provide administrative support to account-holders
  • add new account-holders
  • keep records of transactions

PR LETS has the authority to:

  • set and administer fees, if required
  • reverse a transaction from one account-holder’s account to another in the event of a discrepancy
  • make available the balance and turnover of an account-holder’s account to other account-holders when appropriate
  • refuse to record a transaction considered inappropriate
  • terminate an account where there is misuse of PR LETS

Registrars will transfer LETS$ from one user’s account to another’s only on the authority of the account-holder making payment.

Liability of PR LETS to any account-holder for damages suffered is limited to that caused by willful default.


Account-holders agree to the recording of any information they supply and to the holding of all such information on computers. This information will be visible to Registrars and to others with Admin access to the computer systems.

The PR LETS system maintains four types of information about account-holders:

  • Contact information
  • Offers and Requests for goods and services
  • Transaction details
  • Balance and trading volume

Account-holders’ information of any type except Offers and Requests may not be disclosed to non-account-holders without prior consent.

Account-holders’ contact information will be supplied to other account-holders for trading purposes.

Offers and Requests (with contact information) will be advertised to account-holders in order to facilitate trading.

Offers and Requests (without identifying information) may be disclosed to non-account-holders in order to publicise PR LETS.

Transaction details will not be disclosed except to the account-holders involved in the transaction.

An account-holder may know the balance and trading volume (turnover) of any other account-holder.

Neither PR LETS, nor the LEWG, nor TTPR, nor its agents can guarantee confidentiality of information supplied by account-holders, nor will PR LETS, the LEWG, TTPR or its agents be held liable for any breach of confidentiality once information has been legitimately disclosed.