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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

Powell River’s Best Baker Contest

Powell River Bakers! Pro or amateur, you’re invited to enter this year’s Best Baker contest.

Please use the Web entry form!

More details:
Sunday Dec 14th, 2pm – 4pm
Cranberry Senior’s Centre, corner of Manson and Cranberry
Bakers Setup opens 12:45

How does it work?

Each baker bakes at least 200 sample size (1 or 2 bites) low-risk baked goods, containing at least 2 kinds within the 200. We encourage bakers to provide more than 200 samples, to include more than 2 different kinds, and to include a wheat-free, vegan or vegetarian choice.
We’re informed that true gluten-free baking can only be done by bakers who use separate equipment to avoid contamination, so while we encourage gluten-free bakers to enter, regular bakers shouldn’t label their items as gluten-free. We don’t want anyone having an allergic reaction accidentally!

At the event, bakers bring their sample size bakes and display them on a table we supply. Bakers may decorate their table in any way they wish. We encourage a visually enticing and appetising display! Plates, forks and spoons will be available so your baking need not be limited to finger food.

Bakers must serve samples in a food-safe manner.

During the second hour of the event, bakers may sell their baked goods to the public, taking some percentage of the sale in PR$ (percentage is up to the baker. Remember that there is no table fee at this event!)

Members of the public attending the event will pay a CN$10 entry fee, and receive 8 Voting Vouchers back. They will circulate and sample baking from as many different bakers as they wish. Then they will use their voting vouchers to vote for the bakers whose baking they like the most, by writing the baker’s name on a voucher and placing it in a closed jar for each category, located at the voting booth. They may use as many of their vouchers to vote as they wish: they may exchange any vouchers left over for PR$ to spend around town at participating businesses.

When voting closes, our volunteers will collect the jars and count the contents. The baker with the most votes in each category will win that category. The baker with the most votes overall will be acclaimed as Powell River’s Best Baker for 2014.

Up to 12 bakers from the PR Regional District may enter the contest.
Bakers must be 19 or over to enter
There is no entry fee.
Bakers pay for their own ingredients.
Pro and amateur bakers may enter.
If there are more than 12 entries, the contest organisers will draw 12 at random from the eligible entries
Baking for this event must be “low risk” to keep a level playing field, even if a baker is approved to sell high risk items at other venues.

What is “Sample Size”?

The idea here is to give the attendees a good taste of your baking, without filling them up! So, if you were to make an 8″ square pan of brownies, instead of cutting it into 2″ squares and getting 16, you’d cut 1″ squares and get 64. It’s also OK to bake normal sized baked goods and cut them into pieces, or to bake tiny servings from the start.

What is “Low Risk”?

Because the baking will be on display for several hours, we’re asking bakers to only bring “low risk” items that are unlikely to grow harmful bacteria during the event. Bakers should also make sure that their food preparation areas and methods are clean and safe. Duh! For more details, please consult the “Guideline for the Sale of Foods at Temporary Food Markets” published by the BC Centre for Disease Control. See below for partial lists of Low Risk and High Risk foods.

“Zero Waste”

We are aiming for a zero waste event! Bakers can help us make this happen by using only reusable serving dishes and utensils for their baking, using lids instead of plastic wrap or foil, using compostable single-serve containers if necessary (no foil), and using reusable decorations for their tables. We’ll provide compost and recycling containers at the event, plus reusable dishes and cloth napkins, but bakers should be prepared to take away anything they bring that becomes garbage.

Low Risk Food Examples
• brownies
• bread and buns (no dairy or cheese fillings)
• butter tarts
• pies (fruit filled only, no cream filled or cream based)
• cakes (icing sugar only, no dairy or synthetic whipped cream)
• chocolate (provided it is used as an ingredient in a food that has undergone cooking to at least 71°C (160F)
• cinnamon buns (sugar icing only)
• cookies
• muffins (no dairy fillings)

High Risk Food Examples
Please do not bring these foods, or anything that requires refrigeration:
• cakes/pastries with whipped cream, cheese or synthetic fillings
• pies (meat filled, pumpkin, sweet potato, custard [e.g., lemon meringue pie])
• perogies