The Powell River Money Society is a member of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
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The Chamber accepts PR$ at their regular lunch meetings.

Registration Form for Business – PR$

Identification and contact information

Business Name (required)

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Contact Position

Authorized Users (for withdrawals of bills at cash points)

Note that ALL authorised users should be listed here, including the person listed as the Contact name above, if they are to be able to withdraw cash from your account.

Authorized User 1 (required)

Authorized User 2

Authorized User 3

Choose an Account ID

Choose an ID that people will associate with your organization and can easily use when making payments to you. List a 1st and 2nd choice using 4 - 30 letters and/or numbers, no spaces or #&$!@ etc.

Account ID 1st choice (required)

Account ID 2nd choice

Business Description

Short description (50 words or less) for use on the PR$ website and other PR$ publicity materials (required)

Acceptance Rate and Terms

Describe how you plan to accept PR$. Most businesses will accept a percentage of the sale eg 20% or 45%. Set your rate so that the CN$ portion of the sale will cover your CN$ costs. You may also restrict PR$ to certain lines, times, or days, or use different percentages for different products or times. It's up to you. The better you make the deal for PR$ holders though, the more likely they will come to your business to spend their PR$.

I agree to accept PR$ at these rates and terms: (required)


There is a one-time registration fee of PR$100 per FTE (full-time-equivalent employee) to PRMS to cover costs of local co-ordination and training, printing of PR$ bills and promotional materials.

Number of FTE's (required)

Registration Fee (= FTE's x 100.00) (required)

Directing Contributions

The recommended initial contribution level is PR$500 - PR$900 per FTE. Remember that this does not cost you anything in Canadian dollars!

Who do you want to support? Enter the name for each non-profit receiver you choose, their ID (if known) and the amount of PR$ you wish to contribute. Click to open the non-profit list in a separate tab or window

If you wish to nominate a beneficiary not already on the list, enter your proposed contribution and the PRMS will contact them on your behalf.

Non-Profit Group Name 1 (required)

Non-Profit Group ID 1

Contribution Amount 1(required)

Non-Profit Group Name 2

Non-Profit Group ID 2

Contribution Amount 2

Non-Profit Group Name 3

Non-Profit Group ID 3

Contribution Amount 3

Non-Profit Group Name 4

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Contribution Amount 4

Non-Profit Group Name 5

Non-Profit Group ID 5

Contribution Amount 5

Non-Profit Group Name 6

Non-Profit Group ID 6

Contribution Amount 6

Total Donation to Non-Profits

Float needed (in bills)

Grand Total (Registration fee + donations + float)

Do you require a tax receipt? (required)

NOTE: only donations to registered charities are eligible for a tax receipt.

Business Terms of Participation

I understand that a negative account in PR$ is equivalent to the issue of gift certificates or other promissory notes by the account holder, and that the issuer is obliged to accept PR$ while their account balance is negative. Therefore, to withdraw from the program, a business must earn sufficient PR$ to return their account balance to zero.

I agree to these basic principles:

  1. To cherish and promote the common good
  2. To choose and encourage sustainable local production, local businesses and local non-profits wherever possible
  3. To build relationships which strengthen our community and its resilience

PRMS will:

  • promote the PR$
  • recruit businesses, non-profits and individuals
  • add new account-holders
  • keep records of transactions
  • provide administrative support to account-holders

PRMS has the authority to:

  • set and administer fees, if required
  • reverse a transaction from one account-holder’s account to another in the event of a discrepancy
  • refuse to record a transaction considered inappropriate
  • terminate an account where there is misuse of the PR$ system
  • transfer PR$ from one user's account to another's on the authority of the account-holder making payment.

Liability of PRMS to any account-holder for damages suffered is limited to that caused by wilful default.


PR$ account-holders agree to the recording of any information they supply and to the holding of all such information on computers. This information will be visible to Registrars and to others with Admin access to the computer systems.

The PR$ system maintains these types of information about account-holders:

  • Contact information
  • Business or non-profit description details
  • Transaction details
  • User-created advertisements

Here's how we will use and reveal this information:

  • Account-holders’ contact information may be supplied to other PR$ users for trading purposes.
  • Business and non-profit description details and advertisements may be publicly advertised
  • Transaction details will not be disclosed except to the account-holders involved in the transaction.

If there is a legitimate reason for keeping certain information secret (e.g. physical address of a women's shelter), please let us know in the comments box at the end of this form.

Neither the Powell River Money Society nor its agents can guarantee confidentiality of information supplied by account-holders, nor will the Powell River Money Society or its agents be held liable for any breach of confidentiality once information has been legitimately disclosed.


Signing and returning this form to the Powell River Money Society (PRMS) authorizes PRMS to transfer PR$ from your account to the non-profit accounts you have specified above for your initial donations, and to the PRMS account for the registration fee. You will receive monthly statements of transactions on your PR$ account. If you or your bookkeeper have any questions, please contact us at

PRMS is authorized to use the information provided above in support of the Powell River $ program.

Name of person signing this form on behalf of the business (required):

Signature (required) (your name here, plus the IP address stamp on the submitted form that we receive, constitutes a signature.)

Date (required)

Got questions, or want to explain something elsewhere on this form? Let us know here: